Quick Escape Manicure Pedicure


A treat for neglected nails. This manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle pushing, and the application of cuticle oil. Polish finishes this manicure.

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MANICURE – An extended approach to hand care. A full manicure has your nails filed and buffed, with the cuticles pushed back and tidied. You’ll then finish with a pampering scrub,mask and massage, a nail hardener and the polish of your choice.
PEDICURE – Give your aching feet a bit of a treat. Using OPI Foot Care products, the natural ingredients and extracts nurture your feet and help sustain healthy skin. Whether you are trying to maintain your healthy feet, or need to revive tired, sweaty or cold feet, and remove cracked skin or foot odour, our pedicure will leave your feet refreshed.